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Download Version 5.3.4

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LibreOffice Built in help in English (US)

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Below, you can download the second release candidate of the upcoming 4.1.4 for evaluation, QA testing, etc. You are not recommended to use LibreOffice pre-release builds for "mission-critical" purposes. For more information about QA testing, please visit the QA testers page. Please always read the Releases Notes.

If you're interested in even more bleeding-edge binaries of our current development, check out our nightly builds - those are potentially even less suitable for productive work, provided by individual contributors, and not QA-approved in any way. Caveat emptor.

Help for offline use

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SDK and Sourcecode

Download the SDK

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Download the Sourcecode

Operating Systems

LibreOffice 5.3.4 is available for the following operating systems/architectures:

Available Versions

LibreOffice is available in the following released versions:

LibreOffice is available in the following prerelease versions:


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